Trainings & Support Groups

St. James Infirmary offers weekly trainings, workshops, and groups for current & former sex workers of all genders spanning a variety of topics and encompassing many approaches. Trainings are grounded in principles of harm reduction, both methods and activities, and primarily concentrate on specific aspects of working conditions as well as mental health, substance use and socially constructed issues influencing behavior that can put our community at risk for occupational illness and disease.

Our schedule of groups and trainings changes throughout the year. Check our clinic calendar for the most up to date weekly schedule. For the Summer of 2015, we are offering the following group activities:

Healthy Relationships- beginning July 20th, every Monday from 3:15-4:15pm

A place to learn how to have a better relationship with yourself & others.

Healthy Relationships is a therapeutic group to support our community in developing & cultivating positive, valuable connections to ourselves, our loved ones and the world at large.

We ask for a 12 week commitment, which is incentivized and concludes with a graduation ceremony.

Seeking Safety- beginning July 21st, every Tuesday from noon-1pm

Seeking Safety is a therapeutic group where individuals work together to learn tangible coping skills and develop healthy responses to trauma.

We ask for a 12 week commitment, which is incentivized and concludes with a graduation ceremony. New participants may join the group until August 4th. After that the group will be closed.

Fashion D-SINE (Developing Skills through Independence, Networking & Empowerment) & Garment Construction

Every Thursday from 11am-2pm

The D-SINE program teaches the basics of design, apparel construction and pattern making, having participants move up in incremental stages until they reach senior design level where they would create a line of clothing that could be sold and generate income for themselves. New participants can come in whenever they are ready with the desire to commit to at least 3 months.