8th Annual International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers

This December 17th marks the 8th annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.  Events are being planned in over two dozen countries and in dozens of cities.

Join us in remembering those we’ve lost to violence, oppression and hate, whether perpetrated by clients, partners, police or the state.

We stand against the cycle of violence experienced by sex workers around the world. Recently in Geneva, the United Nations Human Rights Council reviewed the human rights record of the United States during their Universal Periodic Review. Uruguay’s recommendation to the Obama Administration – to address “the special vulnerability of sexual workers to violence and human rights abuses” – is the moral leadership we have been waiting for!
Join us in solidarity to fight the criminalization, oppression, assault, rape and murder of sex workers – and of folks perceived as sex workers.

Who: Sex Workers Outreach Project San Francisco, sex worker Annie Sprinkle, and St James Infirmary will host a candlelight vigil and remembrance ritual.

When: Friday December 17th, 4:00pm
Where: Plaza at San Francisco City Hall

What: Sex Workers and our allies will gather to memorialize those sex workers lost as victims of violence.

Performance: “Sex Worker Scream” at 4:17pm
A vigil and memorial will follow.

Please bring red umbrellas and candles!

After the memorial, come to The Center for Sex and Culture (CSC) for refreshments and stick around for Naked Girls Reading – writings by Sex Workers!
1519 Mission St (near 11th) San Francisco, CA

In solidarity with our friends at APNSW And Sex Workers around the world we share: “Bad Rehab”