NOW HIRING: Registration Assistant, P/T

We are looking for a part-time Registration Assistant who can assist with the registration process and the medical eligibility verification and enrollment. While experience with patient registration and billing is a plus it is not required for this position. Registration shifts are Tuesdays 2-7pm, Wednesdays 4-10pm and Thursdays 1-4pm.  Must be available to work at least 2 of these shifts on a weekly basis, and work other admin/data entry hours as needed.

To apply, please follow the directions below.

Submit a brief cover letter, volunteer application and CV or Resume that includes your experience working within the Sex Industry, working with the community and past experience in Medical Registration and or Medical Billing. Go to our website to download and complete* a volunteer application.

*If you have already submitted a volunteer application with the clinic, please just let us know in the cover letter.

HARD COPY ONLY Mail CV/Resume and volunteer application to: Attention Registration Coordinator, St. James Infirmary 1372 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, or

FAX: 415.554.8444.


The deadline to apply is JANUARY 5TH, 2010


[10-14 hours per week @ $16.00]

Oversee the preparation for clinic shift by ensuring that the following activities are executed before opening:
Put out all weekly clinic supplies and unlock cabinet containing patient charts [Personnel files should remain locked at all times during non-clinic shifts];
Put out small food table in lobby, and bring plates, utensils, etc. for hot food;
Put out food from cabinet onto table in conference room;
Put out water for participants;
Make sure that food and outreach cabinet are locked during clinic shifts;
Break down all boxes and place in recycling bin in basement;
Stock condom bins in lobby, conference room & individual counseling rooms;
Stock all forms in hallway—make copies as needed;
Write down service updates, etc. on white board in lobby;
Make sure that all papers, magazines, clothing items, food items, etc. are neatly arranged in lobby area and conference room.
Assemble medical visit paper work and put them on the clipboard with their call number
Check transgender appointment calendar
Check your mailbox
Check in with the Harm Reduction Counselors for lab results, Enter test results received from DPH lab into SJI participant database; then file results in Lab binder.
Greet new participants, register all participants into SJI database, and assist with triaging to appropriate staff upon registering for services—maintain confidentiality for all participants at all times, and do not allow participants to enter unauthorized areas in the clinic at any time
Train additional registration staff, as requested by the Executive Director, Clinical Director, Billing & Registration Coordinator or Programs Director.
Assemble charts and paperwork for new participants upon drop-in and pull charts for current participants
Tuesdays: Monitor weekly supply of Medical Charts and TG Health Program Packets.  Ten (10) prepared charts (with all tabs in place) and five (5) TG Health Program Packets should be in place and available at the beginning of each week.
Direct participants to appropriate staff upon completion of registration process
Assist with general office activities including reception, answering phones, logging phone messages, returning phone calls and forwarding messages to staff
Assist with clinic shutdown activities at the end of each shift
Stock and organize food pantry and monitor weekly food supply during clinics to ensure that all participants receive food
Check in with On-Duty Manager before leaving clinic, and participate in any team de-briefing sessions at the end of each shift.
Good attendance; including mandatory program meeting every month
Flexibility with schedule and activities, willing to participate in staff and skills building trainings
Make sure that all Encounter forms are filled out completely; To ensure that, fill out the Encounter form log;
Enter Encounter Forms and other participant data into appropriate databases;
Assistance with implementation of Family Pact, EAPC. Medi-Cal and other billing systems, and invoicing activities;
Work collaboratively with other teams, including the Harm Reduction Team, Medical Providers Team and the Medical Billing Team to ensure timely collection of participant data as well as efficient billing mechanisms are enforced.
Determine Eligibility for EAPC and Family Pact, Enroll participants in Family Pact Online, Enter EAPC, Family Pact, and Medical numbers into the Database; Issue Family Pact cards.
Ask participants for donations for all medical, STI & HIV testing, and Holistic services.
Collect payments by cash or credit card; Document payments and receipts.
Schedule and confirm all Medical and Transgender appointments.
Make general clinic announcements
Enter Intakes into the Database and Assist with Holistic spreadsheet
Complete a Daily Shift Check list
Put all Encounter forms, eligibility forms, and daily shift check-list in the Registration Coordinator’s mail box at the end of every shift;
Registration staff is NOT to receive any services while they are on SJI time.
Down time is for work related projects only;
You are to get coverage at the registration desk; only by another registration team member, the back up person for that shift or a staff member that is properly trained for registration.
Skills and Qualifications:
Experience in or knowledge of the sex industry and occupational health and safety issues affecting Sex Workers
Experience working with people who use substances, including injection drugs
Experience working with people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS
Cultural sensitivity and willingness to work with people of different ethnic backgrounds, sexual identity and orientations, and people living with HIV/AIDS
Willingness and proven ability to work cooperatively with other colleagues and community members
Good written and verbal communication skills
Medical billing skills preferred
Conflict management skills
Multi-tasking skills
Ability to work under pressure
Good customer service skill
The ability to work without direct supervision
Knowledge of operating a credit card machine desired
Bilingual preferred
Phlebotomy skills desired