Needle Exchange & Harm Reduction Supplies

The St. James Infirmary provides clean syringes for all uses, bio-buckets and safer injection supplies (fix kits) during all clinic hours. While we are not a one-for-one exchanger, we are limited in the number of needles we can pass out (10-20 per participant per shift).

On Tuesdays from 3pm-6pm we have a dedicated full service Syringe Exchange Program and we operate a Secondary Syringe Exchange (SSE) program in the community where peers distribute clean needles, safer injection supplies, collect used syringes and conduct peer education to Sex Workers in the community. We are actively enrolling Sex Workers from the community to become an SSE.

In addition to syringes and other safer injection supplies, during all clinic hours we freely distribute Condoms, Lube, Food & Clothing.

For a full listing of syringe access services in San Francisco, check out this schedule.

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