SJI Store

We are currently using the Square Market Place to sell our gear.  Check it out!

BTW, that pic below is not the Square Market Place, it’s our merchandise table at the 2012 International AIDS Conference in Washington DC.  Don’t our staff and volunteers look lovely with our gear? You would too! So go Buy some!!

Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts, Posters, Stickers & Books

Super-sexy hooker gear, shipped direct to you! St. James Infirmary tees, tanks and sweatshirts make the perfect gift for any occasion or trouble you want to cause.

We also have fabulous agency posters from our recently launched media campaign, postcards and stickers.

Also in the store are classic Exotic Dancers Alliance posters available in 4 bold styles but very limited amounts. As well, we have public awareness posters from the Margo St. James Task Force on Prostitution.  Available are 7 Styles with vary different targeted messages.

The Third Edition of our Occupational Health & Safety Handbook is a must have for sex workers and allies. This edition is for sale in hard copy and available for free as a PDF. Occupational Health and Safety Manual Third Edition 2010

Please note:  We are a small agency with limited staff.  Orders can take up to 30 days to process.

We will place Canada and International orders. Place your order with the regular postage, we will then email you to let you know what the difference will be in postage and send you a PayPall invoice for that difference.  Once we receive payment, we will mail you your stuff!

Its Our Business Doing Pleasure With You Totes, Shirts & Tanks

Nothing About Us Without Us!! Shirts & Tanks

Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitutes Shirts, Tanks & Sweatshirts

Agency Logo Shirts, Tanks & Sweatshirts

Agency Posters Set of 7

Agency Postcards Set of 10

Outlaw Poverty, Not Prostitutes Stickers (Set of 3 $1 Plus $3 shipping)

End Violence Against Sex Workers/December 17th Stickers (Set of 3 $1 Plus $3 shipping)

Occupational Health & Safety Handbook

EDA & Coyote Posters