The Sex Workers Outreach Project is recruiting Board Members

The Sex Workers Outreach Project is seeking a few thoughtful individuals who are passionate about sex worker rights to join our Board of Directors and help us grow our organization!

The SWOP National Board currently serves as the umbrella organization for about a dozen chapters from different major cities around the country (including Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC, and others).  Our primary goal is to help each of our chapters create safe, empowering spaces for sex workers and allies to instigate change that reduces the violence, intolerance and stigma associated with sex work. Our vast network of members and supporters around the country enable us to engage in a variety of strategies to create change including community organizing, education campaigns, social media networking, advocacy, and legal strategies.
Recently, we’ve seen a surge of interest and momentum around sex worker rights activism, including:
        The federal government’s first public acknowledgment of the rights of sex workers
        Expansion of cities celebrating Dec. 17th – International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
        Explosion of the media frenzy (spurred by the Village Voice vs. Ashton Kutcher battle) that underscored the need to think differently about how we support people who have been trafficked/co-erced into sex work, and people who choose to engage in sex work (whether out of economic need or genuine love for the profession)
It is clear that the interest and support for sex worker rights is growing… and now we are looking for a few smart, committed individuals to help us take advantage of this unique window of opportunity to grow our organization in support of even greater levels of change.
We invite anyone who shares our goal of defending the rights of sex workers and who would like to help build one of the most important national groups working for human rights to apply to join the board of directors by November 15, 2011.
Expectations of Board Members
As a board member, you would participate in a conference call once per month to discuss policy issues, campaigns and how to support SWOP chapters all across the country as well as additional tasks as needed. All participation is on a volunteer basis.
How to Apply:
Please send a brief statement of interest, and include a description of who you are, your work, and the communities and organizations you have worked with to [email protected] You may also submit a resume, but it is not required.

Qualifications for a Board member:
To be selected as a board member, you must show the following qualities:
1) A commitment to social justice and moving SWOP toward becoming an Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive organization.  This is demonstrated by a willingness to support and self-educate around anti-oppression and related issues such as immigration, economic justice, and LGBTQI rights.
2) A commitment to supporting the human rights of sex workers.
3) A working relationship and knowledge of the Sex Industry and the culture of Sex Exchange

We will be accepting applications until November 15, 2011.

Thank you,