Condoms Should NOT be Illegal – Help Us Get This Bill Passed

Dear Friends – We need your help  to stop the practice of condoms being used as evidence of prostitution in California. This practice prevents people at high risk from taking the prevention supplies they need. You are a constituent (or work with constituents) of a California Assemblymember who has not yet stated a position on AB 336, and we need to turn these undecideds into YES votes in order to reach the 2/3 majority needed to pass it.

Bocanegra – D 39th – Pacoima – (916) 319-2039, (Taylor Glass)
Campos – D 27th – San Jose (916) 319-2027, (Laura Sheridan)
Chau – D 49th – Alhambra, (916) 319-2049, (Edmundo Cuevas)
Fox – D 36th – Palmdale (916) 319-2036, (Jaspreet Johl)
Hall – D 64th – Compton (916) 319-2064 (Victoria Harris)
Levine – D 10th San Rafael, (916) 319-2010, (Hank Brady)
Muratsuchi – D 66th – Torrance, (916) 319-2066 (Brett.Williams)
Nazarian  – D 46th  Van Nuys, (916) 319-2046 (Mariana Sabeniano)
Perea – D 31 Fresno, (916) 319-2031, (Stephen Francis)
VM Perez – D 56, El Centro, (916) 319-2056, (Maria Taz)
Quirk-Silva – D 65, Fullerton, (916) 319-2020, (Tomasa Duenas)
Salas – D 32, Bakersfield, (916) 319-2032, (Monica Cortez)
Weber – D 79, Lemongrove, (916) 319-2079, (Jazmin Hicks)

Sample phone script

WHO: “Hello, my name is _________ and I’m with (or from)________________ calling in regards to AB 336. May I speak to (staff member listed)?”

WHAT: “Hello, my name is_________ and I’m with (or from)________________ and I’m calling to voice my support for AB 336 – that would end to the practice of collecting condoms as evidence of prostitution.  ”

WHY: (Choose one sample talking point or say your own)

1. President Obama committed to the fight for an ‘AIDS free generation’ and yet many carry condoms with a fear that it will lead to their arrest.  We must create a society where all people are empowered to take care of their own and their partners sexual and reproductive health, without discriminatory consequences for those involved in sex work.

2. I support anti-trafficking efforts, but prosecutors can and should make their cases without using condoms as evidence. And policymakers shouldn’t leave trafficking victims out of the solution.

3. The current policy discourages sufficient condom use among one of the high risk populations HIV prevention workers reach out to, and stymies our efforts.

“I am asking ______________________________ to support this bill, which would encourage the use of condoms without fear of arrest.”

Thank you!!