Speakers Bureau Club

The Speakers Bureau Club (SBC) of St James Infirmary was formed on June 16, 2016, to establish a collaborative of sex worker peer-leaders, researchers, and presenters to represent the St James Infirmary’s mission of community outreach and educational support for community members, service providers, and universities on a range of topics;

  • About St James & Services
  • About the Bad Date List and User Guide
  • Transgender 101 & Cultural Sensitivity
  • Sex Worker Safety
  • Sex Worker Self-care
  • Money Magick and Financial Planning
  • Basic Self- Defense and De-escalation
  • Jail Support and Arrest
  • Sex Work, Race, and Sex Trafficking
  • Panel Discussion
  • Community Needs Based Seminars (customized at request)

The SBC team collectively organizes, collects research data, customize workshop presentations and works as a team to present to audiences requesting training in sex worker centered/client centered care, self-care, and risk management with the staple of a harm reductionist approach.


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