Our Mission

St. James Infirmary is a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders.
It is our mission to meet the needs of people engaged in the sex trade through advocacy, direct services, and social justice.


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We are very excited to announce that we have begun our 2019–2020 fundraising campaign: "St. James Infirmary, in our 20th year, is fighting for the equity of sex workers and trans people of color."

St. James Infirmary believes that we will achieve health equity and anti-criminalization in California by focusing on providing comprehensive support to Sex Workers of Color. St. James Infirmary believes that we cannot fight for the liberation for Sex Workers and Sex Workers of Color without fighting for the liberation of Trans People of Color.

Towards those ends, we are expanding and transforming our services. We have FOUR major changes that we need your help to achieve:

First, St. James Infirmary is bringing its HIV services to Oakland. We have long desired to bring our services to Sex Workers to the East Bay, and we have finally decided that we are going to make a dedicated effort to gather the resources necessary to make it happen, starting with our HIV program.

Second, St. James Infirmary has a responsibility to ensure that the services provided to the Trans community of Color are appropriately run. Towards that end, we are launching a new housing program specifically for the Trans Community. Details to follow!!

Third, St. James Infirmary is expanding its outreach program in the Mission. Thanks to a grant from the City of San Francisco, St. James Infirmary will have increased presence in the Mission on weekend nights, additional resources, and, importantly, a newly-formed emergency housing program for Sex Workers at risk of harm. With your help, we can continue to build out our program and serve as a model for the rest of the country!

Fourth, St. James Infirmary is conducting a needs assessment and launching a leadership development program. We are privileged to be in a place where we can use our resources to amplify the voices of marginalized sex workers in the Bay Area, and look forward to providing those interested with what they tell us they need to bring their work to the next level.

With the above in mind, we are asking St. James Infirmary’s family and supporters to become sustaining donors. As you all have noticed over the past several years, St. James Infirmary has grown into an organization that has the leadership, vision, philosophy, and organizational capacity to make it happen. What we need is the money. The dollars. The dough. The bread. The cheddar. Whatever you want to call it, we need it. And we need you to give it to us.

St. James is on the rise—we are certain that you who have been watching us know this truth as well as we do. What we are asking for now is the resources necessary to push us through this period of growth so we can complete our transition into the organization that everyone knows we can be. We thank you for your patience during our transformation. We thank you for your support. We thank you for being you, because without you, there is no us.

Please support St. James Infirmary by making a monthly donation.

Our Trans Home SF

Ribbon cutting for TGNC Washington Street House with Mayor London Breed and SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin
Our Trans Home SF is a coalition campaign working to address & raise visibility of trans homelessness & housing instability. Led by St. James Infirmary and Larkin Street Youth Services we need your support.

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What We Believe

There are many factors which affect the working conditions and experiences for all Sex Workers including the political and economic climate, poverty and homelessness, stigmatization, violence, as well as the overwhelming intricacies of the legal, public and social systems. It is the philosophy of St. James Infirmary to build upon existing skills and strengths in order to allow individuals to determine their own goals.

  • We are fundamentally against the criminalizing of Sex Workers—regardless of our different perspectives on decriminalization or legalization, the collective view of the St. James Infirmary is that incarceration of our community further marginalizes and disenfranchised us, which creates barriers to capacity building, and exacerbates a public health crisis.
  • We believe in revolution through healthcare. We challenge the conventional healthcare model that divides patients and providers and fosters unhealthy power dynamics. Our peer-based model creates a safe, trusted, and honest environment in which to provide services, and empowers our community to define our own well-being.
  • We are founded on the principles of harm reduction—St. James Infirmary supports Sex Workers being treated with dignity and respect, in every aspect of their lives

Our Impact

  • We increase access to primary healthcare and social services for Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • We formalize communication and collaboration among individuals and agencies who serve Sex Workers to better serve our community.
  • We promote peer-based public health initiatives on behalf of Sex Workers, which may be used as a model for improving occupational health and safety standards and developing comprehensive medical and social services for Sex Workers around the world.
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